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Erectile dysfunction (ED or impotence) occurs when a man is not capable of achieving or maintaining an erection of the penis during sexual intercourse. Penile erection normally occurs when a man is sexually aroused, perhaps by what he sees, hears, thinks or even smells. In this state, blood is diverted from the brain to sponge-like tissues lining the penis, leading to an increase in length, size and firmness of the penis. This is known as an erection.

Besides the fact that an erection is necessary for fulfilling sexual activity, most men view it as the symbol of manhood. With erectile dysfunction, such men may feel that they have become somewhat less than what real men ought to be. Also, poor erection may lead to stress and to problems in once happy relationships.


Butea Superba - herbal testosterone

Not a "penis enlarger" or "orgasm booster"

Erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence, can be quite embarrassing, but it is not incurable. There are many medicinal and natural remedies to get you back to form in no time. Here are some home cures that can help you to cure erectile dysfunction. The Food and Drug Administration have not evaluated some of these ideas; therefore, it is best to see a doctor when adding anything different to the food you eat. Below are some herbs and home remedies that can help you cure erectile dysfunction.


Black Ginger a.k.a. Krachai Dum

Simply - best natural blood vassolidator

The main effect is increased blood flow through peripheral blood vessels and can improve blood circulation in testis, hence acting similar to Sildenafil (registered as “Viagra” by “Pfizer”) dramatically improving erectile dysfunction (ED) condition. However the patient should not expect exact results: herbal supplements are acting milder and “softer”.


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Amazinly, the average box #2 from Thailand Postal Service can fill exactly 14 boxes of Jiu Jeng Pushen Jiao Nang. Nicely. So it will yeald 14*6=84 capsles for your convinience!

Jiu Jeng Pushen Jiao Nang from Bangkok

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